Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Facebook Drama... And So I Vent

Wonderful. So I first must say that it should come as no surprise... It's not easy doing EVERYTHING it takes to not only design, create, distribute, market, and sell but to also defend something... work... a passion... something one spends every hour of every day to develop.

Now, I know I have friends who care. I know they're supportive, and that's because they are great people. This one friend of mine shared a link to my website where a "masc" leather queen saw that I sold MEGGINGS!!!! heavens no!!!! this diluted mess, whilst clutching her pearls, decided to repeatedly shut down every attempt anyone made to complement my work. He went as far as to mention how anti-masculine the designs are...

Let me be the first to say, "I don't design for everyone." You're entitled to your opinion, bitch, but get it out of my face... Furthermore, if you insist on maintaining your "masculine" appearance with ill-fitting leather and an "I don't give a fuck" attitude regarding hygiene and blood pressure, go for it. The truth is, I don't go to wherever it is you pretend to be straight and knock the purse out of your mouth. Don't shit on my work, into which not only do I put a ton of time and effort, but also my own money. I make this shit. Myself. If you were to take a second you'd understand you are not my target market, nor do I plan to change that in the near future. I'm doing all this on my own and on my own dime in an effort to create something for the new generation and for the us scrawny dudes that like to wear fun stuff. That said, I'm sure you can think back to when you were considered young... when the older generations of real men clad in leather spoke down to your generation calling you a faggot and considering you a know-nothing. Well, know this. You are still that boy. Your opinion is still based on ignorant prejudice. I am not your boy. And the true nature of the leather lifestyle is based on core principals like respect. What do you gain by completely belittling and trying to argue about the integrity of my work?  It will not solve the big problem; which is that you're bitter, tired, and undesirable. Fabric cost money, sweetie. You want XXL, you will have to pay more than someone would for a S. Thats how that works. I do custom sizing, but it aint free. Don't hate me. Hate the sandwich.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

It's been a while since I've posted in this thing... probably because nobody reads it... womp womp

Could also be because it's actual work keeping up with such things, and I find myself working around the clock on other things...

Could be because I really don't think of anything I need to immediately share with the world. It actually is a bit sad reading peoples' statuses on twatter and facepage every time they eat a cute sandwich or take an aggressive ... idunno ... rhino to the supermarket. All I'm saying is nobody cares.

I also don't spell all too great. But that's a bit obvious

Anyway, without further ... anything ... my first post is about Cosmopolis ... the movie that really sucked...

Soooooo yeah it was terrible. I got bored and did other things. "Is he still in the limo? yeah? k!"

haha prostate exam... buttsex joke... another buttsex joke... and yet if the characters were just slightly compelling in the very least, I would have considered it funny. Let's face it, I'm a bit of a child.

The end. Hope you all enjoyed my review of Cosmopolis...

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Cirque Du Soleil

Last night I saw Zarkana, the newest Cirque Du Soleil show, at Radio City Music Hall. It was opening night and the audience waited with great anticipation. Not knowing what to expect, i was blown away so I certainly wont give any spoilers. I will just say that the show reduced me to a giggling child and i loved every second of it. There was a moment or two where there was so much going on i couldn't take it ALL in, but just go with it.

And the costume, scenic, and lighting designs were INSANE!!!!! One instance was very much reminiscent of the Diva scene from the Fifth Element... but dare I say... more brilliant.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sooooo... Masc?

"Masc UB2" .... Assuming "Masc" is short for masculine.... Because, hey, what else would it be, right?

First off, sweetheart. Self-proclaimations like that really only point to the true issue at hand. It's like laying out your personality on a large piece of paper, taking a highlighter, and marking all the masculine traits. Before long what you have is a silly roadmap of how hard you try to act like the socially-accepted norm of what a MAN is supposed to act like despite the love you have for choking down dick.

So yes, Grindr is not going to be the breeding grounds of the socially profound, nor the mecca of intellectual proliferation, but let me get one thing straight. The fact that you think you ACT straight... AND find merit in it is such a turn-off. What are you hiding from?

Now I'm not saying prance down the street in a dress, nor saunter in Gucci sandals or Loubitin flipflops and your klepto bag hanging unsupported from your T-rex crooked arm like those bitches of Sex In The City fame. Though, if that is you, great! do it up... be you... just stop hating on those who aren't!

We all get it. You prefer straight men. Good for you. If you can disappear in a crowd of heterosexual males talking about pussy and sports then by all means. But If I meet you, mister masculine, and the instant you see a puppy, or Ellen, or a Prada parade hosted by a cute pair of undies... and the purse drops out your mouth and explodes into a glitter cloud of boas... I will kick that "masc" right off your profile... It should be spelled MASK, bitch, because that word gives you a magic shell of "fake" wrapped in a flowery bow of "trying too hard" and dipped in "self -righteous" sauce... and under it all, it's just deeply engrained self-loathing anyway.... Mommy and daddy maybe didn't understand... but we do.  So get over yourself.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Last night I got invited to Ghost the musical with an open-bar party beforehand where I met one of the producers and had the opportunity to get a backstage tour before the show with a few friends. Overall I must say the set, transitions, and special effects were beyond brilliant. Seeing first-hand, that stage is TINY, but you would never be able to tell after seeing what they're capable of achieving with it.

That said, the musical numbers were, for the most part, extraneous, and some of the songs KILLED the heavy emotion that was being built. We all know the story (and if you don't, you should) and the actors have tremendous voices (Da-Vine, my heart goes out to you and your larynx. I hope you get it back soon). Unfortunately, the lyrics sound like a drama major scribbled them in her notebook before class. One of the songs, Suspend My Disbelief (I think it's called) actually evoked an audible, visceral, guttural sound of disgust and disapproval (that really only those on the business end of gay tourettes would find familiar) from the audience. This was not because the actress sucked... she was great! But more the unbearable words she got paid to sing.

Despite ALL of this, the use of "magic" for the ghost effects is one of the most solid reasons to see it. The first time Sam passed through a set piece I forgot I was watching a live show.... in a good way. When someone dies, like in the movie, the audience sees both a body double and the ghost. Since this was done so seamlessly it created such a powerful image every time. Overall, I give it three thumbs up for tech, and three thumbs down for having a shitty book... negating my overall rating... So it's like I didn't really even see it to begin with... I am glad I saw it, and thankfully it was free... so now we can all go on living as if it never happened. I'll just say I blacked out for a couple hours and I didn't write this update. The end.





Friday, June 1, 2012