Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sooooo... Masc?

"Masc UB2" .... Assuming "Masc" is short for masculine.... Because, hey, what else would it be, right?

First off, sweetheart. Self-proclaimations like that really only point to the true issue at hand. It's like laying out your personality on a large piece of paper, taking a highlighter, and marking all the masculine traits. Before long what you have is a silly roadmap of how hard you try to act like the socially-accepted norm of what a MAN is supposed to act like despite the love you have for choking down dick.

So yes, Grindr is not going to be the breeding grounds of the socially profound, nor the mecca of intellectual proliferation, but let me get one thing straight. The fact that you think you ACT straight... AND find merit in it is such a turn-off. What are you hiding from?

Now I'm not saying prance down the street in a dress, nor saunter in Gucci sandals or Loubitin flipflops and your klepto bag hanging unsupported from your T-rex crooked arm like those bitches of Sex In The City fame. Though, if that is you, great! do it up... be you... just stop hating on those who aren't!

We all get it. You prefer straight men. Good for you. If you can disappear in a crowd of heterosexual males talking about pussy and sports then by all means. But If I meet you, mister masculine, and the instant you see a puppy, or Ellen, or a Prada parade hosted by a cute pair of undies... and the purse drops out your mouth and explodes into a glitter cloud of boas... I will kick that "masc" right off your profile... It should be spelled MASK, bitch, because that word gives you a magic shell of "fake" wrapped in a flowery bow of "trying too hard" and dipped in "self -righteous" sauce... and under it all, it's just deeply engrained self-loathing anyway.... Mommy and daddy maybe didn't understand... but we do.  So get over yourself.

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